How can I manage, organize, track and control the execution of projects in any department of my company, integrating the deliverables (documents, CAD, Simulations, Bills, …) with all departments?

Through Project Management knowledge and tools are brought together in order to manage the flow, always monitoring the goal. Planning is only the first step of this process. Keeping track of progress is often an underestimated step but makes the difference in the fluidity of a job.

Does every person involved in your project has a clear understanding of the tasks assigned to them?

And the deadlines?

Are all the necessary documents available?

Do you know for sure what the deliverables will be?

Answering these questions is essential in order to achieve the success of a project; the project data are often disconnected from the project itself, this is the reason why project managers spend most of their time collecting data.

The Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE platform connects the product management data to the project, enclosing all the information in a single system to complete or to keep track of it and also to act with timely corrective actions if the project reports (based on data updated in real-time! ) requested it.

A recent statistic shows that only 36% of projects meets the deadline/budget, 45% are late or over budget and 19% fails!

With the Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE platform, thanks to the Project Management app, the updated status of activities and of deliverables of any project member are immediately reflected in the dashboard and for the Project Manager it will be much easier to manage the project with a dynamic tool, that can keep track of each step to avoid hitches or, if necessary, to exactly understand what happened and at what time.

Every company has its own way of working, and the best project management is not necessarily the same for everyone.