Transforming Product Lifecycle Management: SaaS and Customizations

In today's business landscape, characterized by a fast pace and intense competition, the race to bring innovative products to the market has never been more challenging. Companies are faced with a dichotomy of demands: on the one hand, they must accelerate product development to meet customer expectations, while on the other hand, concerns related [...]

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How to manage the change

Change Management related to Digital Transformation is a crucial topic for some time now in the current working environment. It is not surprising that as early as 2017, it caught the interest of experts, considering it as one of the main reasons driving change in the workplace, highlighting its role as a key player [...]

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CAD Management

In the last years, CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software has transformed the way in which companies design and develop their products. Thanks to computer-aided design, professionals can create detailed 3D projects, simulate how products work and promptly test different technical configurations. Despite this, data management could be a challenge for those companies that use these [...]

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Cybersecurity: a needful strategy for companies

During the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an increase in terms of devices per person, such as laptops, tablets and smartphones due to the need of remote working and studying; this has also accelerated the process of digital transition of companies. In that period, all companies had to find new ways in order to [...]

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Change Management

Why is it important to track the change management of a company? Nowadays, products are constantly evolving in order to keep up the competition complying with the current regulations. A concrete management is essential to enhance the product and the whole process related to its production. How to evaluate the economic and technical impact [...]

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Bill of Materials Management

Let’s talk about the importance of managing BOMs, but first of all what is a bill of materials? The Bill of Materials, or “BOM”, is a structured list of information that describes how a product is defined or how it is to be made; it is usually displayed in a hierarchical format with the [...]

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What is PLM

PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) enables collaboration between geographically dispersed teams, partners and clients, using reliable information always updated from a common source (Single Source Of Truth) that allows you to make strategic decisions based on data(Data Driven Decision). By adopting PLM, businesses can build clear data governance in order to guarantee a full traceability [...]

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