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Your digital transformation

We lead companies to the digital transformation by adopting the newest Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) technologies. In this way, we reengineer our customers’ business processes to ensure the collaboration among the different departments.

We pay attention to specific needs

Thanks to our experience, we focus on the whole corporation and its current processes therefore, our technicians are able to choose the right strategy by following your specific needs. Through this, every company can easily aim for high results.


Our goal consists in leading the companies to optimize and organize the design processes and the digital production.
Miralis team shows a perfect mix of experience, skills and knowledge in each industrial department in order to support the customer by following specific needs.

We provide tailor-made consultancy, training, coaching and a constant support.


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We are the ideal partner if you want to revolutionise the digital transformation of your company working towards the efficiency and a concrete business culture.

Who we are

Miralis was born in 2021 from the idea of three professionals, each one with important experience, with a specific aim: to revolutionise the approach to digital transformation in the production world by adopting innovative strategies and techniques.

Our aim is to provide a concrete know-how to the companies that move towards the digital transformation. As experts in this field, we support each business in the adoption and integration of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems through the re-engineering of processes, always promoting a modern business culture and favoring collaboration between different departments.


Luigi Romani

Fabio Meneghetti

Alessandro Tolio


Our young team works together to achieve a concrete goal. Reliability is a must-have for Miralis, for this reason we support our clients in every step.

Innovative Ideas and Methodologies

We help you to create and stabilize a business culture focused on the re-engineering of processes; in this way, our customers can take advantage of new technologies.

We stand by you in every step

We support our customers in the digital transformation of horizontal and vertical processes without stopping the continuity of activities and always ensuring the availability of processes during the development of the project.

Skill and Expertise

We combine the previous experience, gained through projects with Italian and international clients, to the knowledge of process tools the same innovative technologies that characterize industry 4.0.


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