Bill of Materials Management

Let’s talk about the importance of managing BOMs, but first of all what is a bill of materials? The Bill of Materials, or “BOM”, is a structured list of information that describes how a product is defined or how it is to be made; it is usually displayed in a hierarchical format with the [...]

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Project Management

How can I manage, organize, track and control the execution of projects in any department of my company, integrating the deliverables (documents, CAD, Simulations, Bills, …) with all departments? Through Project Management knowledge and tools are brought together in order to manage the flow, always monitoring the goal. Planning is only the first step [...]

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What is PLM

PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) enables collaboration between geographically dispersed teams, partners and clients, using reliable information always updated from a common source (Single Source Of Truth) that allows you to make strategic decisions based on data(Data Driven Decision). By adopting PLM, businesses can build clear data governance in order to guarantee a full traceability [...]

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